A very happy Alice

09 July 2020





Well, might be time to uppdate you folks on what's happening in Alice life. Hard to keep up with me as I Do not use this website as frequent as I would love to. To keep it short - One might say business as usual, although gathering options for fall.

Today I got another option added as I got accepted to the post-graduate curator full-time course at Stockholm University upcoming fall/winter. Wiiie, did not see that coming. Almost to good to be true. In order to be accepted you had to have 1. Great grades as in honors with average A-B on your BA courses, 2. A private letter, 3. A superb BA thesis and 4. Motivate how the education would boost your career. (Another criteria was those for Ph students)

Never - Ever thought I would be picked out and accepted in the first round of hundreds of students. Superthankful as this truly provides options for after summer. 

Back to this summer and plans in the strange times of Covid 19. Two days left at work and then vacay -  yay. First up next week - Marbs. After that no fixad plans, although many options in that area open too. 

Just gotta be thankful for Alice life in wonderland. xoxo