Gucci campaign - banned!

08 April 2016



Model in Gucci ad campaign 2016


Herregud vad jag skäms! Jag älskar Alessandro Micheles design för GUCCI och redan har tittat ut sommaren och höstens favoriter som ska få hedersplatser i mina garderober! Det som irriterar mig är inte så mycket att de använder sjukt smala modeller, det är ju en industri där kvinnans kropp ska se ut som en tanig tonårspojke innan pubertet. Det som irriterar mig är GUCCIs svar på reaktionerna. Skäms!

OMG, I feel so emberrassed! I simply adore Alessandro Micheles design for GUCCI and have already checked out my favorites from summer and fall collections that will have their places in my closets! What annoys me is not so much that they use unhealthy thin models, we all know this is an industry where the female body should look like a thin teenage boy before puberty. What irritates me enormously is GUCCIs replay to the reactions. Shame on you!

GUCCIs replay accoring to Yahoo: "The ads were part of a video that portrayed a dance party and was aimed at an older, sophisticated audience. They noted that the target population of The Times, where the ad appeared, had an adult and mature readership. They said it was, to some extent, a subjective issue as to whether a model looked unhealthily thin. which they considered was not the case for either of the women identified by the complainant. They believed both models had slim builds. but were not depicted in a way that could be interpreted as unhealthily thin. For example, nowhere in the ads were any models' "bones" visible, their makeup was natural rather than heavy (which might have accentuated the impression of thinness), lighting was uniform and warm to ensure there were no hollows caused by shadows and their clothes were not revealing. The visual parts of their bodies appeared toned and slim."