Let me tell you a bit about Alice




I am easy going, happy, social and loving fashion with passion and I see every new day as a new opportunity!

Until July 2018 I have had a fixed term contract at Louis Vuitton Stockholm. Louis Vuitton is part of the LVMH group where I work with fashion and social relations in a way to fulfill customers desires.

The reason for a fixed term contract was based upon my plans to travel and live abroad during fall 2018. I have felt a need to find time to get my mojo back in life and figure out the right paths in life. After studying and working more then fulltime for so many years, it was about time for search of inspiration and mindfulness. Currently I am living in Dubai where I spend the days empowering myself, body and soul! After that my search of mojo takes me to Miami. From Dec2018 I am open for opportunities to work within the luxury fashion industry anywhere in the world or domestic. Why not in PR,  marketing or management? Or luxury sales? Work or internships are both options for me. Just hit me up with your suggestions!

My recent background is that I during 2017 took my BA in Arts/Fashion Science and Ethnology at Stockholm University with excellent grades. Fall 2016, I began my research to my thesis working closely with members of the Swedish Royal Court for my essay about the Crown Princess Victoria and creation of her image by marketing and branding through fashion. The essay was also written with a comparison to other European Royal Houses, both contemporary and historically. Topics in the thesis was based upon royalty, class, nationality, visibility, branding, marketing and consumption,  but also environmental issues as sustainable choices of fashion. The Media Institution at Stockholms University wrote for example: "An ambitious essay on a hitherto barely researched topic of importance to Swedish contemporary fashion culture. The paper covers a wide range of materials, from interviews to press photographs and an exhibition, using a flexible approach in its analysis, where interesting observations and thoughts are linked to relevant prior research. An important work that is characterized by commitment and creative independent thinking". Read the thesis by following this link!

My list of experience please scroll down. If you want to contact me your are most welcome to do so by email:



BA in Arts - Major FashionScience, minor Ethnology.Stockholm University 180 credits - Feb 2017

  • Fashion Science BA Essay - Oct 2016 - Feb 2017 (15 credits)
  • Fashion Creations - Sept-Oct 2016 (15 credits
  • Luxury and Desire of all time - March 2016 (7.5 credits)
  • Folklore – March 2016 (7,5 credits)
  • Heritage analysis - March 2016 (7,5 credits)
  • Cultural and contemporary perspective – January 2016 (7,5 credits)
  • Culture history - December 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Citylife – December 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Perspective on everyday life and social organization – November 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Perspective on man, culture and society – October 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Fashion Scientific writing - June 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • The rise and change of the global fashion – April 2015 (7,5 credits)
  • Fashion, literature and culture – March 2015 (15 credits)
  • Fashion, flair and film – January 2015 (15 credits)
  • Fashion Scientific concepts - November 2014 (7.5 credits)
  • Costume history - October 2014 (7.5 credits)
  • Portrait – fashion and fashion photo - June 2014 (7,5 credits)
  • Fashion, power and men - June 2014 (7,5 credits)
  • Control, submission, emancipation - completed in January 2014 (5 credits)
  • Clothing and the social body - completed January 2014 (5 credits)
  • Clothing, groups and boundaries - completed January 2014 (5 credits)

Work experience 

2017 – 2018

  • Client Advisor at Louis Vuitton Stockholm from the 1st of July 2017 - 31st of July 2018

2015/2017 – Sales in Fashion and Freelance modelling

  • Sales at Imagegroup AB (Mulberry, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Loewe, Gucci and more). Employee Nov 2015-Jun2017
  • Modeling: freelance various projects until Jun 2017.

2015 Head Fashion Buyer, Marketing and Modeling

  • Buyer in fashion, marketing and modeling for Alice by Belle Shoes (7 boutiques and webshop)
  • Modeling for Nathalie Schuterman AB, webshop and newsfeed
  • Modeling: freelance various projects

2014 Modeling and Fashion Assistant Internship

  • Modeling at presslaunch for Martina Bonniers new book " Martinas Modevarld”
  • Fashion Assistant at Damernas varld (Swedens largest Fashion Magazine for women, see damernasvarld.se) with various tasks such as: logistics of clothes to the magazine, meeting with PR agencys and Showrooms, selecting clothes and accessoires for fashion editorials involved in photoshoots and other appropriate tasks at a fashion magazine
  • Fashion Assistant to the book " Martinas Modevarld" by author Martina Bonnier( a job as fashion assistant and mentioned in the authors acknowledgments)
  • Modeling on stage at Damernas varlds gala " Guldknappen 2014"
  • Modeling: freelance various projects

2012-2013 Model

Various different model assignments as catwalk, photography, and commercial movie model, for example:

  • Model, catwalk GUESS, One-Piece
  • Model, representing brand as Love by Isabel
  • Model, photo for photographer Tobias Fischer
  • Model, commercial for Tele2 via the web and Tele2 Arena